In today’s economic market, brokers need to stay ahead of the competition to survive. This means following up with every contact, capturing and managing every piece of information, marketing every listing, providing clients with accurate real-time information, and ultimately, closing more deals.

Emooth Real Estate CRM provides brokers with the tools necessary to manage every component of a real estate transaction, from capturing a lead to completing a project.

With Emoothl Real Estate CRM, you can track, manage, and expand on all of your local market knowledge, thus bringing extensive and invaluable information directly to your client.

Our strategy is to provide our clients with management solutions that increase their return on investment, cash flow, and enhance the property’s investment value. This is why real estate brokers, investors, and property managers depend on us to help achieve their performance goals and increase profitability.
Improve Lead Quality

Focus your time and resources on quality leads that convert, not ones that don’t.

  • Capture higher quality leads with integrated web-to-CRM forms that encourage your site’s most convinced visitors to provide their contact information.
  • Qualify leads faster with easy-to-create mass email marketing campaign tools. Educate your leads and contacts about products, services, deals, and much more.
  • Learn common characteristics of high-value customers using custom reports and analytics, use custom filters to find leads that share these characteristics and spend more time nurturing them.

 Build an Effective Sales Process

Turn a higher percentage of your leads into paying customers by increasing sales efficiency and improving customer confidence.

  • Workflows automate your sales process, improving the consistency and effectiveness of tasks like follow-up reminders, report generation, and task creation and delegation.
  • Great email campaigns can automate the lead qualification process. Customize email templates, define triggers, contact lists and other parameters to ensure that leads automatically get the right information at the right time.
  • Reports provide better oversight of salespeople and pipelines, meaning fewer surprises, more tailored guidance, better goal completion, and improved client relationships.

Improve Salesperson Productivity

Salespeople are the pillars of any sales organization and are the driving force behind company revenue. Provide them with an impressive array of tools and resources to help them perform more effectively.

  • Configurable workflows can automate repetitive tasks such as assigning leads, tasks, and much more to salespeople based on provided rules
  • Aggregation of records enables salespeople to spend less time browsing and more time selling – customer interactions, deal information, emails, and data are all accessible in one place
  • Mobile applications enable your salespeople to access their records on the fly, even without an internet connection, so that they’re never cut off from the action
  • Role-based hierarchies eliminate clutter and enable salespeople to focus on their own tasks and customers
  • Complete integration with conventional tools like Microsoft Outlook increases makes the process of adapting to Emooth CRM On Demand much simpler and more enjoyable
  • Built-in CRM chat encourages collaboration and improved communication amongst team-members

Understand Your Business

Powerful reports build on customer, salesperson, and interaction data enables a better management decision making and a greater potential for improvement.

  • Save time by and scheduling reports with formulas, charts and other complex features to run automatically
  • Analytics and formulas help you understand how your business, its resources and processes are performing

Better Customer Retention

As your products and services evolve, be ready to know which of your previous customers can benefit from new services or products that you provide.

  • Schedule followup dates to ensure that followups are performed with repeat customers
  • Build reports to track current customers to understand where future sales opportunities might exist
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