Microsoft .Net Development

Emooth Software Development is experienced in using Microsoft’s .NET Framework for building a wide range of applications. The benefits of the .NET architecture include better user experiences, secure communication, and the ability to model a range of business processes for a variety of devices. Emooth Software Development focuses on developing applications that are cross-platform enabled, high performance, and meet the precise requirements and business objectives of our clients.


When Emooth Software Development approaches application development, the first step in creating the architecture is developing the code area to become the application framework. Then, we begin texting and adding User Interface controls to it simultaneously. Emooth Software Development builds and tests the main business logic and adds robust features. Emooth Software Development uses a high level Business Application Language (BAL) to minimizing coding efforts and uses the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process to confirm that the application meets mutually agreed-upon requirements.

MVC and Entity Framework
Minimizing coding is an essential part of the architecture to save our clients time and money. Emooth Software Development uses the advanced technique of model-view-controller in the architecture of our .NET development to create more code that is reusable. Because Emooth Software Development uses Visual Studio 2010, the MVC is created automatically, which has a number of benefits:

  • Excellent Code Reuse – Emooth Software Development approaches the entity framework as though every aspect is a unique object. Then the code is built using this framework so it collects and stores the different values of these objects in a database. The result of this practice is incredible code reuse.
  • Faster Development – We use inherited controls or create custom user controls that enable code to be reused in other applications. This makes developing new applications faster.
  • Easier Maintenance – A single change in the object of the entity framework with MVC is automatically reflected on all layers, rather than modifying the code for each page individually. This brings down the time spent on maintenance and development.

LINQ is a .NET Framework component that adds time-saving native data querying capabilities. Emooth Software Development uses LINQ to simplify queries for large quantities of data. All the information from the database is collected by different queries and saved by the LINQ. Then, each time data is needed, the query collection is queried. This improves performance by making a query to the actual database unnecessary. So rather than use complex coding, large data can be queried with a simple call to the collection. Also, the business logic of an application can be written using a simple query.

User login authentication is built using membership modules of .NET, such as user registration or login. By reusing this code or controls, maintaining membership across multiple applications is simplified.

User Interface
Emooth Software Development not only provides professional, elegant, and interactive design, but we work to ensure the UI is integrated correctly with the application. Seamless UI integration saves development and maintenance costs. By using master pages and templates to hold the common design elements in pages (like headers, footers, and designing boxes), making large scales changes is simple. User-friendly UI and controls allow users to easily make changes by simply changing a menu item.

Advanced Debugging & Tracing
Error-free and reusable code are of paramount importance in building .NET application. After ensuring the application meets the expected quality, Emooth Software Development proactively debugs the code using advanced debugging and tracing mechanisms provided by the .NET framework and Visual Studio. By following the details log of errors, we trace the application for bugs to determine how the bug occurred, what the error caused, and when the error was executed.

Cross Platform
Applications developed in .NET are usable across software, services, and devices. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) unified a broad array of distributed systems capabilities. Emooth Software Development uses calls to web services or WCF to ensure applications are available to any user on desktop or mobile devices, regardless of hardware or browser.

High performance is an essential element of the usability of an application and Emooth Software Development relies on its experience in .NET development to maximize performance. By using caching, database information is stored in the server memory so it can be recalled directly from the cache instead of making a trip to the database. If the information is not found in the cache, we then use JSON which makes an asynchronous call to the database to save time.

Emooth Software Development makes full use of .NET’s powerful and robust security advancements to ensure your application is protected. Emooth Software Development uses different security modes, like form authentication, password authentication, and windows authentication.

Social Media and Third Party App Integration

Emooth Software Development’s use of the Microsoft.NET and Visual Studio is unique in that we build our code to allow for easy integration with current generation software. We use readily available templates for building a SharePoint website, Silverlight application, or Cloud application. E-commerce businesses that wish to integrate social media or third party e-commerce APIs or DLLs can easily integrate with third parties like eBay or FaceBook

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