Our Simplicity. Emooth online inventory system is really easy to use!
Easy navigation throughout ,Emooth just makes sense. You’ll know exactly where to find everything and it’s always no more than a couple clicks away.
Start using Emooth online inventory system right away without spending hours learning industry specific terminology and complex software functionality.
Less is More: We only provide useful functionality that’s important to small-medium sized businesses and leave out all of the confusing stuff.
Automatically stay organized. It’s like pressing ‘Auto-Pilot’.
Sales Leads are automatically converted into customers as soon as invoices are created for their account.
When invoices are issued, any inventory included in that invoice will automatically be marked as “Sold”.
Convert an estimate  into an invoice in only one-click.
Estimates automatically expire after a pre-determined amount of days so you can choose to focus on the fresh ones first.
We’ll save you time with fast Desktop-like Functionality:
Emooth online inventory system has been developed to be extremely fast, and efficient at assisting you with your day-to-day business tasks. In addition to taking advantage of new Cloud technologies we’ve built-in features that you would normally find in Desktop Programs:

Drag and Drop functionality
Automatic suggestions while completing data entry (less typing for you)
Emooth online inventory system Instant Search displays results instantly while you’re typing (no need to hit Enter and wait)
Adding/Editing/Deleting information happens instantly without having to reload the entire webpage

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